Pandemic summer in Spain for AP

During the pandemic summer in Andalusia, this reportage captures the essence of a society adapting to the new normal. As the fear of venturing out in public spaces grew, and the economic strain limited travel options, individuals found solace and escape in the confines of their own homes. One striking aspect of this series of photographs was the prevalence of portable swimming pools. With limited means and a desire to cool off amidst the scorching heat, people across Spain embraced the idea of creating their own backyard oasis. However, an unexpected consequence arose as the demand for portable pools surged; they quickly sold out across the country, leaving many empty-handed. Amidst the backdrop of uncertainty and economic constraints, these portable pools became symbols of perseverance and resourcefulness. They represented the ability to find moments of joy and relaxation even in the midst of a challenging time. Through this work, the narrative of the pandemic summer in Andalusia emerged, capturing the indomitable spirit of a community determined to make the best of their circumstances.