Alix for Society Magazine

The assignment of the photographic report for the French magazine Society was quite a challenge. Alix, a well-known name in her native country, France, had recently decided to settle in the sunny Marbella. As a renowned influencer, she had managed to amass a remarkable fortune. However, Alix is not a conventional character. Her controversial personality and extravagant lifestyle intrigue both her followers and detractors. She lives in an imposing mansion, surrounded by luxury and sophistication, yet in absolute solitude, accompanied only by her loyal feline companion. During the 48 hours of the assignment, the photographer had the opportunity to immerse herself in Alix’s daily life. They shared long encounters, capturing intimate moments of her everyday life, depicting a life of opulence. However, glimpses of her vulnerability and the search for connection in the midst of her isolation were also revealed. Alix’s complexity is that of an enigmatic and magnetic woman who arouses passion and controversy wherever she goes.