The double speed of the dragon

This work explores the fascinating duality of ideologies within the country, reflected in the growth of new city constructions and the rural-to-urban migration driven by the allure of “Made in China.” Through my images, I seek to capture the intersection between capitalism and communism, and how these forces shape the landscape and people’s lives. This work opened the new facilities of the historic Cavecanen art gallery with a solo exhibition that would ultimately earn him the title of the work. Several of the photographs were acquired by private collectors.

Women work next to a adversiting poster of luxuries building under construction in Shenzhen on Monday 16th August, 2010 in Shenzhen, China. The Republic of China, considered the largest exporter in the world and named the second economic power in August 2010, opened its market in 1978, Deng Xiaping led the process.This moment is considered the beginning of the communist-capitalist period, which has driven a process of wealth creation and an urban revolution, fueled largely by manufacturing. The uncompromising search modern development under the western influence, has given rise to a new landscape of urban and social fabric. Tradition is disappearing, swallowed by the newly acquired capitalist identity.The low-cost manufacturing is allowing unbridled economic growth, and the enrichment a single social layer while income per capita still places china in the 110 world position,the low-cost manufacturing is allowing unbridled economic growth, social enrichment layer while income per capita is placing China in the post 110 world