Portraits in Pandemia

The author describes her project in the following way: The reason why this work focuses on portraits of people in their homes – anonymous to you – is a personal consequence. In a situation of threat, previously experienced through the type of work I’ve done, I have observed that people tend to create an invisible circle and try to protect what is inside. For me, what was urgent and important, as a first impulse, were my loved ones and close people. I was infected with COVID-19, and my family was at risk. The situation did not allow me to fulfill the most instinctive act of the moment, which was to try to protect and be protected. As soon as my health allowed it, the first thing I did was to get closer to them, even though a window prevented us from touching. My beloved sister, Alicia, was potentially at risk, and she was one of the main reasons that led me to insist on documenting these portraits from close proximity. They are my last portraits of her.This work is dedicated to the memory of my Alicia, my sister. I had the fortune to see her floating among the clouds before anyone else.